Evergreen Education Foundation Organization:

The Evergreen Organization (Functions and Name-List information) 

Board of Directors:
 Faith Chao, Eileen Liching Tang, John Lee (Chair), Jingyi Yu (Secretary), Mandy Guo, Jo Bell Whitlatch

Advisory Committee:   
Tu Wei Min   (Director of Yenching Institute, Harvard University) 
Blanche Woolls   (Director of the division of Library Information Science at San Jose State University) 
William Hsiao       (The K.T. Lee Chair, Professor of Economics, Harvard University & Director of Health Care Financing)  
President: Faith Chao  
Development: West - Teresa Wu 
 East - Grace Chao  
 East Central – Allison Lin 
 West Central – Frank Shih VP  
Library Program: Mandy Guo  
 Conference/Workshop: Faith Chao

VP Operations: Jingyi Yu 
Scholarship & Mentor program: Jingyi Yu

Donor, Volunteer Coordinator – Yu Jingyi

China Operations: Bai Fan /Liu Dunzhi 

IT Director: John Lee, Technology Development: Jerry Xu, Donna Yeung  

VP Finance/Accounting/Treasurer: Susan Wong 

Assistant: Judy Guo

Investment: Danping Peng 
Fund Raising: Rachel

Public Relations: Eileen Liching Tang 

Newsletter: Faith Chao