Small Projects 2009

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Evergreen Education Foundation selected 15 small projects from 9 libraries to sponsor and guide in 2009. For school libraries, the subjects of the small projects covering classic reading in literature teaching, development of local history teaching material for ancient frontier town, study of mathematicians and their scientific discovery process to assist mathematics teaching, study of local "living fossil" creature to assist biology teaching, study of local crop and vegetable cultivation techniques to help students who become farmers after graduation. For public library the subjects of the small projects include public lecture series addressing topics on culture, history, science, education, and health in which local public is interested.

Index Library Project Title Overview
1 Huai'an No. 1 High School, Jiangsu I Have a Date with Classics Guide the K10 students to read "Old Man and The Sea", using movie watching and comparison/exchange to stimulate their interest and improve their reading skills.
2 Tongwei No. 1 High School, Gansu The One-person Newspaper Students to share their reading excerpts and experience, which are exhibited in the form of "hand-written newspaper".
3 Wende High School, Guizhou Zhen Yuan Local History Teaching Material Students are organized to visit cultural relics and historical sites, and are guided to read local historical books. Through these visits and reading, students collect local historical data and materials to compile the local history textbook "The Narrative of Zhen Yuan History"
4 Shidian No. 2 High School, Yunnan I am a young editor-in-chief Establish "book corner" in classroom, and students compile own reading essays into book. Students are motivated to read independently when competing as the "edit-in-chief".
5 Tongwei Public library, Gansu "Tong Wei Ren Jia" Public Lecture Host "Tong Wei Ren Jia" lecture series for readers. Topics include those interested by patrons, such as Chinese ancient civilization, fashion, literature appreciation, science education, health preserving, and the popularization of local culture.
6 Wende High School, Guizhou Zhenyuan Wuyang River Peach Blossom Jellyfish Research Students study living habits and form/structure of Peach Blossom Jellyfish, which is the "living fossil" in the Wuyang River natural scenic reserve
7 Danfeng High School, Shaanxi Grow up with reading Establish "book corner" in classroom managed by two student librarians, students make excerpts and write reading essays in a "Grow up with reading Log".
8 Tianzhu No. 1 High School, Gansu Rotational Book Shelf Functions to Promote Integrated Reading through Expansion and Comparison Based on high school textbooks arranged as three interlinking stages, adjust the supplementary reading materials for the integrated reading through expansion and comparison.
9 Tongwei No. 1 High School, Gansu Little Mathematician Based on the mathematicians and the discovery process of the theorems and laws included in the high school math textbooks, students are organized to use library and internet resources to gain understanding about mathematicians and the history of mathematics, the ideas and methods that are used by mathematicians for scientific research, and apply them in the math study.
10 Lijiashan High School, Qinghai Make the Best of Library to Engage Reading Activity Student reading class featured with group discussion, reading essay, and competitions to demonstrate reading outcome.
11 Maying High School, Gansu Practical Techniques Booklet for Crop and Vegetable Cultivation The biology teachers compile a textbook to help the students learn about practical techniques for local crops and vegetable cultivation, also guide the students to learn this textbook
12 Tongwei No. 1 High School, Gansu Teachers' Home of Flash Train teachers to learn flash techniques, and display teachers' working products on the website for demonstration and exchange.
13 Tongwei No. 1 High School, Gansu Converse with Scientists The counterpart of "Little Mathematician" in physics
14 Wende High School, Guizhou Hope of the Disabled Students survey the living conditions of the disabled in the local villages, collect local and recorded success stories of the disabled via Internet and library, compile "Hope of the disabled" and distribute the booklets to the disabled population.
15 Wende High School, Guizhou Classic poem reading Poem reading and competition


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