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ITIE2016 Makerspace: Design & Create Contest

Open to Middle and High School Students

Mainland China . Hong Kong China . USA

Explore . Discover . Immerse . Develop . Make


Purpose of Contest

Every two years, Evergreen Education Foundation (EEF) hosts international conference and workshops in China to promote and strengthen the use of public libraries. This year, our conference theme is MAKERSPACE. In light of our theme, the foundation is announcing the ITIE 2016 Makerspaces Design & Create Contest.
Guide by their teachers and mentors, middle and high school students are challenged to use their creativity to complete two tasks:
TASK 1: Design a Makerspace for Your School
TASK 2: Complete a Hands-On Maker Project Based on Your Students’ Interests and/or Your Community Needs

This contest aims to give teachers and students an opportunity to learn and think about how to design an actual functional makerspace for their school as well as a chance to complete a hands-on maker project based on students’ interests and/or community needs. By carrying out this exercise, participants will gain invaluable insights on the theoretical and practical aspects of designing and creating through makerspace for their school. Students will also gain vital skills required to be successful in life. These skills include critical thinking, team work, planning, budgeting, organizing, and time management. It also allows them the opportunity to discover, try new ideas, and learn the importance of the iterative process. Most of all it provides the basis for their becoming positive contributing members of society with an understanding of their interests and capabilities. The combination of theoretical design and hands-on application will solidify the innovation, design, and making process.


For Contestant Use:

Round 1: Instructions & Materials

Round 2: Instructions & Materials

Round 3: Instructions & Materials

Final Round: Instructions & Materials



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