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ITIE2016 Makerspace: Design & Create Contest

Mainland China . Hong Kong . USA

Explore . Discover . Immerse . Develop . Make


Round 2 - Let the Design Begins...


TASK 1: Design a Makerspace for Your School 
TASK 2: Complete a Hands-On Maker Project Based on Students’ Interests or Community Needs

CONGRATULATIONS! Your team has advanced to Round 2

Instructions, Downloads, & Submittal Requirements: Round 2

  • Study the must read articles and must watch videos (download below). We also have a list of recommended videos.
  • Must-read Reading List:
    1. Makered.org Makerspace Playbook
    2. Design thinking for Libraries Toolkit at a glance by IDEO 
    3. Making a Makerspace Part 1: Planning the STEAMWORKS and Part 2: Building out the STEAMWORKS - Patrick Waters
  • Must-view Video List:
    1. Neil Gershenfeld TED speech: Unleash your creativity in a Fab lab
      Neil Gershenfeld: Physicist, personal fab pioneer. As Director of MIT's Center for Bits and Atoms, Neil Gershenfeld started with leading his students to explore the boundaries between the digital and physical worlds. Later, he founded Fab Lab, a worldwide network of fabrication labs to unleash people's creativity in making“almost anything”.
    2. Cesar Harada TED speech: A novel idea for cleaning up oil spills  
      Cesar Harada: Inventor, environmentalist, educator. When Cesar Harada heard about the devastating effects of the BP Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, he quit his dream job and moved to New Orleans to develop a more efficient way to soak up the oil. He designed a highly maneuverable, flexible boat capable of cleaning large tracts quickly, and opted to open-source the design to facilitate other people to further develop based on it. The whole design process demonstrates the power of design thinking.
  • Recommended Video List:
    • How to Create a Makerspace
      Aaron Newcomb of non-profit Benicia Makerspace talks with Leo Laporte about what it takes to start a Makerspace from equipment, resources, legal issues, to getting the community involved.
    • How the Maker Movement Connects Students to Engineering and Technology
      Eighth-grader Quin uses his passion for electronics to teach fellow students about 3D printing, arduinos, and other hands-on lessons in STEM skills.
    • Google Techtalks: The Maker Movement: Young Makers and Why They Matter
    • What is Making?
      Maker Educators in SSU Startup define what Making is in K-12 settings
    • Making as Aligned with 21st Century Learning and Common Core
      Melissa Becker, Maker Educator and principal of Meadow Elementary in Petaluma, California, discusses how making aligns with new standards and 21st century learning practices.
    • What makes Making Powerful?
      Maker Educator Aaron Vanderwerff discusses three important aspects of Making with students.
    • What is Making? Denver Style...
      Maker Faire is an annual festival to make, create, learn, invent, craft, hack, recycle, build, think, play and be inspired. Maker Faires are multi-generational gatherings sweeping across the country and around the world. And now coming to Denver! May 3rd and 4th 2014 at National Western Complex.
    • Creating a Making Space in the Classroom
      Sylvia Martinez and Gary Stager, authors of Invent To Learn: Making, Tinkering, and Engineering in the Classroom, discuss affordable ways to create a maker space in the classroom.
    • Who are makers?
      Who are 'makers' anyway? During our last visit to World Maker Faire, we spent some time talking with people who make ideas real; here's what they had to say about what makes a “maker."
  • Discuss among the team how you should go about designing a makerspace at your school for task 1
  • Discuss among the team how to survey the community and decide on a meaningful project for task 2
  • Complete Questionnaire for Round 2 as a team - available for download after August 1, 2016

Participating Schools


Novice Level


Mainland China

Gansu Tongwei No.1 High School

Gansu Tongwei No.3 High School

Gansu Tianzhu No. 1 High School

Guizhou Kaili No. 1 High School

Shaanxi Yaoshan High School

Shaanxi Danfeng High School

Yunnan Shidian No. 2 High School



Canyon Middle School
Castro Valley, California


Advanced Beginner Level


Hong Kong

HKSKH Bishop Hall Secondary School



Ralston Middle School
Belmont, California

Chula Vista High School
Chula Vista, California


Makerspace Illustrations



Must-view Articles & Videos Downloads:


Makerspace Playbook               Design Thinking Toolkit for Libraries               Making a Makerspace Part 1               Making a Makerspace Part 2



Submittal Requirements:
  • Complete Round 2 questionnaire - MS Word version available upon request
  • A logo and a slogan for the team
  • A webpage or a website for the team 
  • Meeting minutes for each meeting
  • Task 1: A draft plan of the Makerspace at your school that includes
    • A site plan of the school
    • A floor plan of the makerspace with labeling 
    • A tool list with costs and links - Budget limit for planning is US$3500.00
    • A makerspace & safety guideline
    • A proposal of usage of the space at your school
  • Task 2: A draft proposal of a hands-on project that will benefit the community
    • A description on how the team come up with the project
    • A description on your end user and how they benefit from your product 
    • A description of your end product with illustrations 
    • A description of the process with illustrations
    • What are the milestones
  • All documents should be in PDF format
  • Deadline for Round 2 submittal is August 22, 2016
  • Send all submittal materials to itie2016contest@evergreeneducation.org


Submittal Examples (For reference only):

Here are some examples of the Round 2 submittals (partial) for your reference. Note that your team SHOULD NOT feel restricted or confined by the examples. Please contact our EEF ITIE contest team if you should have any questions regarding the submittal requirements.







Ms. Jingyi Yu (+1) 415-602-4754
Ms. Jessica Shang (+86) 15995693039



Questionnaire Download: Round 2

MSWord Version is avaliable upon request

Download Round 2 Questionnaire