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ITIE2016 Makerspace: Design & Create Contest

Mainland China . Hong Kong . USA

Explore . Discover . Immerse . Develop . Make


Round 1 - Learning the Basics...


TASK 1: Design a Makerspace for Your School 
TASK 2: Complete a Hands-On Maker Project Based on Students’ Interests or Community Needs

Instructions, Downloads, & Submittal Requirements: Round 1


Participating Schools


Novice Level


Mainland China

Gansu Tongwei No.1 High School

Gansu Tongwei No.3 High School

Gansu Tongwei Maying High School

Guizhou Kaili No. 1 High School

Guizhou Wende High School

Shaanxi Yaoshan High School

Yunnan Shidian No. 2 High School

Shaanxi Danfeng High School

Gansu Tianzhu No. 1 High School

Jiangsu Huai'An No. 1 High School



Canyon Middle School
Castro Valley, California


Advanced Beginner Level


Hong Kong

HKSKH Bishop Hall Secondary School



Ralston Middle School
Belmont, California

Chula Vista High School
Chula Vista, California


Articles & Videos Downloads:


The Philosophy of Educational Makerspaces Part 1               The Philosophy of Educational Makerspaces Part 3               Valuable Lessons from My First Makerspace Year               6 Strategies for Differentiated Instruction in PBL



Recommended Watch:


Submittal Requirements:
  • Complete Round 1 questionnaire
  • Student List (If not yet submitted with application)
  • Complete parent consent form - One form for EACH student in the team
  • All documents should be in PDF format
  • Deadline for Round 1 submittal June 27, 2016
  • Send all submittal materials to itie2016contest@evergreeneducation.org





Ms. Jingyi Yu (+1) 415-602-4754
Ms. Jessica Shang (+86) 15995693039



Questionnaire Download: Round 1


Download Round 1 Questionnaire


Parent/Guardian Consent Download:

Submit with Team's Round 1 Questionnaire

Download Parental/Guardian Consent Form